Say NO to plastic bags!

I have made a petition to say NO to plastic bags! It is a really important cause Australians use 6.9 plastic bags a year! Millions of marine life dies every year because they think the plastic bag are jelly fish. Most people don’t re-use plastic bags they use them for five minutes and then throw them out. Plastic bags take 1,000 years to break down. Its a really important cause and is close to my heart! It would mean so much for you to put your name up on my petition there are no names yet… they ruin the environment so help today and say NO to plastic bags.

Here is a link to my petition: http://

Braids and Brownies

Charli xx


One thought on “Say NO to plastic bags!

  1. Please no plastic bag. This is necessary adnd important in the country. Protect our Ocean and environment. don’t use this plastic bag and will killed all sea animals and other sea animals . snd is increase dirty and pollution , Please respect and responsible our environment and ocean.Thank you

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